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May It Please the Court
Courts, Kids, and the Constitution: Live Recordings and Transcripts of Sixteen Supreme Court Oral Arguments on the Constitutional Rights of Students and Teachers

Peter Irons

When the Kissing Had To Stop
Cult Studs, Khmer Newts, Langley Spooks, Techno-Geeks, Video Drones, Author Gods, Serial Killers, Vampire Media, Alien Sperm Suckers, Satanic Therapists, and Those of Us Who Hold a Left-Wing Grudge in the Post-Toasties New World Hip-Hop

John Leonard

Experiments in Knowing
Gender and Method in the Social Sciences

Ann Oakley

On the Beaten Track
Tourism, Art, and Place

Lucy R. Lippard


Eric Hobsbawm

The Living Wage
Building a Fair Economy

Robert Pollin, Stephanie Luce

The Consumer Society Reader

Juliet B. Schor, Douglas B. Holt

The Fifth Woman
A Kurt Wallander Mystery

Henning Mankell

The Native American Look Book
Art and Activities for Kids from The Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum

Guests and Aliens

Saskia Sassen

The Business of Journalism
Ten Leading Reporters and Editors on the Perils and Pitfalls of the Press

William Serrin

The Essential Wallerstein

Immanuel Wallerstein

Hitler’s Exiles
Personal Stories of the Flight from Nazi Germany to America

Mark M. Anderson

Letters of Transit
Reflections of Exile, Identity, Language, and Loss

André Aciman

Slanting the Story
The Forces That Shape the News

Trudy Lieberman