Next Season

A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution

Elie Mystal

States of Neglect
How Red-State Leaders Have Failed Their Citizens and Undermined America

William Kleinknecht

When Innocence Is Not Enough
Hidden Evidence and the Failed Promise of the Brady Rule

Thomas L. Dybdahl

The Portraits of Lola Flash

Lola Flash

Afghanistan 20/20
A History of the U.S. War in Declassified Documents

Tom Blanton

An Unplanned Life
A Memoir

Franklin A. Thomas

Social Stratification in the United States
The American Profile Poster of Who Owns What, Who Makes How Much, and Who Works Where

Stephen J. Rose

Getting Me Cheap
How Low-Wage Work Traps Women and Girls in Poverty

Amanda Freeman, Lisa Dodson

In Their Names
The Untold Story of Victims’ Rights, Mass Incarceration, and the Future of Public Safety

Lenore Anderson

Poison Ivy
How Elite Colleges Divide Us

Evan Mandery

The Scheme
How the Right Wing Used Dark Money to Capture the Supreme Court

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Jennifer Mueller

How We Win the Civil War
Securing a Multiracial Democracy and Ending White Supremacy for Good

Steve Phillips

It’s Never Our Fault (And Other Shameless Excuses)
A Compendium of Corporate Lies That Protect Profits and Thwart Progress

Nick Hanauer, Joan Walsh, Donald Cohen, Zachary Roth

Portraits of Queer Chinese Youth

Sarah Mei Herman

Worn Out
How Our Clothes Cover Up Fashion’s Sins

Alyssa Hardy