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Acts of Resistance
Against the Tyranny of the Market

Pierre Bourdieu

Universities and Empire
Money and Politics in the Social Sciences During the Cold War

Christopher Simpson

On Television

Pierre Bourdieu

The Monkey Suit
And Other Short Fiction on African Americans and Justice

David Dante Troutt

The French and Their Revolution
Selected Writings

Richard Cobb, David Gilmour

Rebellion in Chiapas
An Historical Reader

John Womack Jr.

Equality and Democracy
A New Press Back-to-Basics Book

Philip Green

Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
A National Security Archive Documents Reader

Laurence Chang, Peter Kornbluh

Zig Zag
The Politics of Culture and Vice Versa

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Bay of Pigs Declassified
The Secret CIA Report on the Invasion of Cuba

Peter Kornbluh

The Sandglass

Romesh Gunesekera

Art, Spectacle, Cultural Politics

Hal Foster

Wonderful Women by the Sea

Monika Fagerholm

Vision and Visuality
Discussions in Contemporary Culture #2

Hal Foster

The Work of Andy Warhol
Discussions in Contemporary Culture #3

Gary Garrels

On History

Eric Hobsbawm