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May 2018
Tiya Miles at the Metro Detroit Book & Author Luncheon
May 21, 2018,
Livonia MI

Tiya Miles, author of The Dawn of Detroit: A Chronicle of . . .

Natalie Hopkinson at CCCADI
May 22, 2018,
New York NY

In the spirit of John Berger and Bell Hooks, former Washington Post journalist and current Howard University professor Natalie Hopkinson meditates . . .

Bernice Yeung at MCBA Luncheon
May 23, 2018,
San Rafael CA

A timely discussion on the work and progress from #Metoo movement and the issues being raised by #MeToo; what policy reforms the movement has led . . .

June 2018
Juan González at Cooper Union
June 6, 2018,
New York NY

In the rubble of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans and ultrarich “Puertopians” are locked in a pitched struggle over how to remake the island.

Bernice Yeung at Kepler's Books
June 7, 2018,
Menlo Park CA

Online and in real space, the #MeToo movement has raised awareness of gender . . .

Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts at Blue Bicycle
June 8, 2018,
Charleston SC

Hosted by Blue Bicycle Books in conjunction with the Piccolo Spoleto Festival! 

Peter Edelman at Books and Books
June 14, 2018,
Coral Gables FL

Join Peter Edelman, author of Not a Crime to Be Poor: The . . .

Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts at Harold's Cabin
June 16, 2018,
Charleston SC

Join Itinerant Literate Books at Harold's Cabin for a captivating discussion of Denmark Vesey's Garden: Slavery and Memory in the Cradle of . . .

Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts at Malaprop's
June 20, 2018,
Asheville NC

Join Ethan J.

Manuel Pastor at the National Conference on Local Governance
June 22, 2018,
Denver CO

This one-day conference will highlight successful projects and initiatives around the country, with speakers from cities that are implementing . . .

Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts at Atlanta History Center
June 26, 2018,
Atlanta GA

Join Ethan J.

July 2018
A Bite-Sized History of France - Launch with Murray's Cheese
July 11, 2018,
New York NY

Valencay, Epoisses, and Roquefort, it’s no wonder that France holds the reputation as the emperor of the cheeses!