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October 2021
Empire of Rubber: A virtual book launch conversation with Gregg Mitman, Evelynn Hammonds, and Paul Farmer
October 21, 2021,

Join us for a conversation on racial capitalism, ecological injustice, and medical racism focused on the history of Firestone Tire & Rubber . . .

EMPIRE OF RUBBER at the Wisconsin Book Festival
October 23, 2021,
Madison WI

On the Job at the Texas Book Festival
October 25, 2021,

Authors Celeste Monforton and Jane M.

Wilfred Codrington III at the National Constitution Center
October 26, 2021,

Join the National Constitution Center for the virtual town hall "The Crisis of Two Constitutions: The Founders’ vs. The Peoples’."

Marc Bookman at the Texas Book Festival
October 26, 2021,

A Descending Spiral author Marc Bookman joins Austin-based journalist . . .

Gregg Mitman Presents Empire of Rubber with Will Jones and Tabeh Freeman
October 28, 2021,
Minneapolis MN

Christina Conklin at the Texas Book Festival
October 29, 2021,

Christina Conklin's The Atlas of Disappearing Places depicts, via rich illustration, the effects of climate change on Earth's coasts and . . .

Ruth Milkman at the Texas Book Festival
October 31, 2021,

Ruth Milkman, co-editor of Immigration Matters, a volume . . .

November 2021
If We Want to Win at the Commonwealth Club of California
November 3, 2021,

There is no version of America’s past, present or future that does not involve the Latinx community.

Empire of Rubber: Scenes from Firestone’s Scramble for Land and Power in Liberia
November 3, 2021,

Marina Psaros at Downtown Book and Sound
November 4, 2021,

Please join us for a virtual event celebrating World Conservation Day, featuring local author Marina Psaros and her new book The Atlas . . .

A Belknap Global Conversation: Gregg Mitman and Simon Gikandi
November 11, 2021,
Princeton NJ

The Humanities . . .