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Black Fire
The Making of an American Revolutionary

Nelson Peery

The WPA Guide to New York City

Federal Writers Project

Civil Wars
From L.A. to Bosnia

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Robes of Splendor
Native North American Painted Buffalo Hides

George P. Horse Capture, Anne Vitart, Michel Waldberg

Words of Fire
An Anthology of African-American Feminist Thought

Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Talking to Myself
A Memoir of My Times

Studs Terkel

Century of War
Politics, Conflict, and Society Since 1914

Gabriel Kolko

“I Won’t Learn from You”
And Other Thoughts on Creative Maladjustment

Herbert Kohl

Stubborn Hope
Religion, Politics, and Revolution in Central America

Phillip Berryman

Art on My Mind
Visual Politics

bell hooks

Art of the American Indian Frontier
A Portfolio

David W. Penney, Detroit Institute of Arts

Japan in War and Peace
Selected Essays

John W. Dower

The Thought Gang

Tibor Fischer

Subversion as Foreign Policy
The Secret Eisenhower and Dulles Debacle in Indonesia

Audrey R. Kahin, George McT. Kahin

Mexican Lives

Judith Adler Hellman