Regime Change Begins at Home

A set of playing cards to help you identify the profiteers and warmongers who have seized control of America—the 54 most unWANTED!

“This is still a dangerous world. It’s a world of madmen and uncertainty, and potential mental losses.” —Ace of Spades, aka President George W. Bush

As is now terrifyingly clear, a gang of dangerous men (and a few women) seized control of the United States during the presidency of George W. Bush. These “most unwanted” individuals are warmongers and profiteers who pose the real threat to peace and security on a global scale. They must be stopped. But first they must be identified.

That’s where the Regime Change Begins at Home playing cards will come in handy. Modeled on those distributed to U.S. troops in Iraq, these cards feature the top villains in the Bush administration and beyond. Each card includes a photograph of the desperado concerned, together with a brief and pithy description to assist in recognition.

For anyone interested in spotting the evil maniacs who are tearing up peace and justice at home and around the world, these cards will prove invaluable. But a word of warning: do not attempt to tackle these individuals on your own. They are heavily armed and dangerous. If you see any of the villains in this pack, please report their whereabouts to your nearest antiwar group, trade union, or other community organization. Together we can stop them in their tracks and get them safely behind bars where they belong.

  • Spades: Department of Imperialism
  • Clubs: Department of Homeland Insecurity
  • Diamonds: Department of War Profiteering
  • Hearts: Department of Propaganda
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