The New Nuclear Danger

George W. Bush’s Military-Industrial Complex

A biting denunciation of current U.S. weapons policies by the world’s leading antinuclear activist, in a new, expanded edition

“A timely warning, at a critical moment in world history, of the horrible consequences of nuclear warfare.” —Walter Cronkite

This revised edition includes a new introduction that outlines the costs of operation Iraqi Freedom, details the companies profiting from the war and subsequent reconstruction, and chronicles the rampant conflicts of interest among members of the Bush administration who also have a financial stake in weapons manufacturing. After eight printings in the original edition, The New Nuclear Danger remains a singularly persuasive antidote to war and its horrific costs.


“A meticulous, urgent, and shocking report on the current state and true nature of America’s nuclear weapons program. . . . Chilling. . . . Harrowing. . . . Apocalyptic. . . . The time to take Caldicott’s measured and wise words to heart is now.”
“Helen Caldicott has been my inspiration to speak out.”
—Meryl Streep
“Dr. Helen Caldicott has the rare ability to combine science with passion, logic with love, and urgency with humor. . . . At the dark dawn of another war without end, it is once again time to listen up as she sounds the global alarm.”
—Naomi Klein

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