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How Police and the Media Manipulate Our News

Alec Karakatsanis

Sacred War
Inside the Japanese Experience, 1937–1945

Haruko Taya Cook, Theodore F. Cook

How Power, Politics, and Privilege Use Science Against the World’s Most Vulnerable

Muhammad H. Zaman

Labor’s Partisans
Essential Writings on the Union Movement from the 1950s to Today

Nelson Lichtenstein, Samir Sonti

Another World Is Possible
Lessons for America from Around the Globe

Natasha Hakimi Zapata

The Prison Industry
How It Works and Who Profits

Bianca Tylek, Worth Rises

Usual Cruelty
The Complicity of Lawyers in the Criminal Injustice System

Alec Karakatsanis

A Novel

Mikołaj Grynberg

The Sustainability Class
How to Take Back Our Future from Lifestyle Environmentalists

Vijay Kolinjivadi, Aaron Vansintjan

Pay the People!
Why Fair Pay Is Good for Business and Great for America

John Driscoll, Morris Pearl, The Patriotic Millionaires

Our Place in History
Ten Milestones in the Fight for Asian American Rights

Phil Tajitsu Nash

From the Ground Up
The Women Revolutionizing Regenerative Agriculture

Stephanie Anderson

The Price They Paid
Slavery, Shipwrecks, and Reparations Before the Civil War

Jeff Forret

Freedom to Love

Sandra Chen Weinstein

Division Street

Studs Terkel

Charging Forward
Lithium Valley, Electric Vehicles, and a Just Future

Chris Benner, Manuel Pastor