The Other Israel

Voices of Refusal and Dissent

Israeli citizens disavow their government’s current policies

“This indispensable collection should become part of the great historic literature of dissent and humanity.” —In These Times

The Other Israel is an urgent and passionate intervention by Israeli citizens challenging the continued occupation of Palestinian territory and the failed policies of Ariel Sharon’s government. Against a backdrop of increasing violence on both sides, the book presents a broad range of dissenting voices that articulate practical, legal, and moral objections to the occupation. Written from within the throes of the unfolding tragedy, it includes contributions from journalists, novelists, activists, military reservists, and former government officials.

Needed now more than ever, this book challenges narrow American perceptions of public opinion in Israel, and will act as a catalyst in prompting vital debate about the future of Israel and the path to peace for all citizens of the Middle East.

Contributors include:

  • Shulamit Aloni
  • Uri Avnery
  • Ami Ayalon
  • Meron Benvenisti
  • Michael Ben-Yair
  • Yigal Bronner
  • Neta Golan and Ian Urbina
  • Neve Gordon
  • David Grossman
  • Jeff Halper
  • Amira Hass
  • Baruch Kimmerling
  • Aviv Lavie
  • Shamai Leibowitz
  • Gideon Levy
  • Yitzhak Loar
  • Ishai Menuchin
  • Adi Ophir
  • Assaf Oron
  • Ilan Pappé
  • Tanya Reinhart
  • Avi Shlaim
  • Yigal Shochat
  • Ze’ev Sternhell
  • Gila Svirsky
  • Sergio Yahni
  • Praise

    “This book proves once again that it is possible and even necessary to be critical of the policies of one's government without being considered a traitor.”
    —Daniel Barenboim
    “A neat volume.”
    The Economist
    “These contributions spell out how and why Sharon's policies have disfigured the prospects for peace, while ravaging the economies of both the Occupied Territories and Israel. . . . Their voices have not received enough attention thus far. It is imperative that they do.”
    The Washington Post

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