Global Capitalism

“[An] illuminating exploration of the fast-changing landscape of capitalism.” —Nature

This “glorious and frightening read” (MT Magazine) examines capitalism’s place as the universal social and economic order of our time. Now truly global, twenty-first-century capitalism—aided by extraordinary advances in technology and communication and by unfettered global financial markets—has a speed, inevitability, and force that it has not had before. In Global Capitalism, leading political and economic analysts have gathered to dissect this dangerous new world.

Hailed as a “must-read” by Internet Business London, Global Capitalism analyzes the current role of the business firm, considers whether the new capitalism is compatible with social cohesion and social justice, and addresses topics ranging from the degradation of the environment to the concentrated control of the media by transnational corporations. The contributors discuss capitalism as a form of culture and way of life, and ask whether it has any viable political rivals.


  • Ulrich Beck
  • Manuel Castells
  • Jeff Faux
  • Arlie Russell Hochschild
  • Robert Kuttner
  • Larry Mishel
  • Richard Sennett
  • Vandana Shiva
  • George Soros
  • Polly Toynbee
  • Paul A. Volcker
  • Praise

    “This book displays the diversity of ideas driving a growing movement. . . . Readable and well researched.”
    Publishers Weekly
    “An ambitious and balanced collection.”
    Kirkus Reviews
    “A trenchant analysis of ‘global’ capitalism shows how this economic theory and practice became a worldwide phenomenom.”

    Goodreads Reviews