Art and Religion in American Life

Seven leading scholars and experts reveal the close ties between art and religion in American culture

From church-sponsored arts festivals to religious protests outside museums, religion and art often interact as dynamic forces in American life. Now, following up on a fascinating series of dialogues among artists, religious leaders, journalists, and scholars, an interdisciplinary group of distinguished thinkers investigates this complex relationship, looking for common ground and opportunities for cooperation between the arts and religion in America.

Crossroads goes beyond media hype to explain both the historical roots and current realities of the ways people understand art and religion in their daily lives, and it places the sensational controversies into context, from an examination of the Brooklyn Museum protest to a conversation with leading artists about spirituality in their work. Featuring a preface by Garry Wills, Crossroads brings art and religion in American life—past, present, and future—into sharper focus.

Contributors include:

  • Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University
  • David Halle, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Neil Harris, University of Chicago
  • Peter Marsden, Harvard University
  • Sally Promey, University of Maryland
  • Amei Wallach, International Association of Art Critics
  • Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University


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