The New Press amplifies progressive voices for a more inclusive, just, and equitable world. As a nonprofit public-interest publisher, we leverage books, diverse voices, and media engagement to facilitate social change, enrich public discourse, and defend democratic values:

Today we celebrate Paul Robeson’s 123rd birthday (1898-1976). Once named America’s number one entertainer, Robeson was one of the most important public figures in the 20th century. Receiving international fame and popularity, Robeson used his celebrity platform to advocate for equality, independence, and peace for people all across the world. Though his activism and political ideology got him blacklisted from the American entertainment industry, Robeson remained vocal, and found ways to reach his community of fans and followers.


The New Press is joining publishing workers on Friday, March 26th for a day of solidarity with the Amazon workers organizing to form a union in Bessemer, Alabama. Unions give workers a collective voice, help set and raise pay standards, and help secure workplace protections (unions even helped win the eight-hour work day).

Every year the MacArthur Foundation announces a new class of fellows. Sometimes referred to as a “genius grant,” a MacArthur Fellowship goes to recpients at the top of their respective fields. They are the creators, thinkers, and doers, who, through their extraordinary dedication and originality, have made huge impacts in their disciplines and in the culture. The New Press is thrilled to see two of our authors among the 2020 MacArthur Fellows.


The New Press is proud to announce our partnership with, a new online platform with a mission to help support brick and mortar independent bookstores across the country. Launched earlier this year, Bookshop offers socially conscious consumers an alternative to large e-retailers and provides indie bookstores with a user-friendly online retail presence. Bookshop gives a percentage of sales back to participating independent bookstores in a number of ways, a lifeline for many bookstores at this moment when physical stores are shuttered.

The New Press is proud to support an innovative book donation concept, the brainchild of Alec Karakatsanis, author of Usual Cruelty: The Complicity of Lawyers in the Criminal Injustice System.

The New Press relies heavily on the help of its paid interns, treating them in many respects the way assistants are treated at other publishing houses and nonprofits. This means far greater exposure to interesting work than is normally afforded interns; it also calls for a degree of responsibility that is significantly greater than at most internships. Our New York office is large and efficient enough to offer a wide spectrum of experience, but small and casual enough for you to form intimate and lasting bonds with the staff.

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