Interesting Times

A Twentieth-Century Life

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Eric Hobsbawm has been widely acclaimed as one of the greatest historians of the twentieth century. Called “a lyrical, pungent, and provocative memoir” by Publishers Weekly, Interesting Times offers a personal tour through what Hobsbawm terms “the most extraordinary and terrible century in human history.” The book takes us from his birth in Alexandria, Egypt, and early schooling in Weimar Berlin to his student days as a Cambridge Red and Apostle at King’s College. Hobsbawm took E.M. Forster to hear Lenny Bruce, demonstrated with Bertrand Russell against nuclear arms, translated for Che Guevara in Havana, and inaugurated the modern history of banditry. With Interesting Times, we see the making of one of the left’s most important intellectuals, and the history of the twentieth century through the unforgiving eye of one of its most intensely engaged participants.


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