U.S. History

The White House Tapes
Eavesdropping on the President

John Prados

A People’s History of the United States
Abridged Teaching Edition

Howard Zinn

Radical Hollywood
The Untold Story Behind America’s Favorite Movies

Paul Buhle, Dave Wagner

A People’s History of the United States
Volume I: American Beginnings to Reconstruction

Howard Zinn

The Radical Reader
A Documentary History of the American Radical Tradition

Timothy Patrick McCarthy, John McMillian

A People’s History of the United States
Volume II: The Civil War to the Present

Howard Zinn

For Reasons of State

Noam Chomsky

The Biography of Walter White, Mr. NAACP

Kenneth Robert Janken

American Power and the New Mandarins
Historical and Political Essays

Noam Chomsky

The Unfinished City
New York and the Metropolitan Idea

Thomas Bender

The Journalism That Changed America

Judith Serrin, William Serrin

The First American Revolution
Before Lexington and Concord

Ray Raphael

The Second Amendment in Law and History
Historians and Constitutional Scholars on the Right to Bear Arms

Carl T. Bogus

Unexpected Chicagoland

Camilo José Vergara, Timothy Samuelson