U.S. History

Slavery in New York

Ira Berlin, Leslie M. Harris

Economic Apartheid in America
A Primer on Economic Inequality and Insecurity

United for a Fair Economy, Chuck Collins, Felice Yeskel

Jane Fonda’s War
A Political Biography of an Antiwar Icon

Mary Hershberger

American Dreams
Lost and Found

Studs Terkel

Shattering the Glass
The Remarkable History of Women’s Basketball

Pamela Grundy, Susan Shackelford

Hard Times
An Oral History of the Great Depression

Studs Terkel

The Dream Life
Movies, Media, and the Mythology of the Sixties

J. Hoberman

Crossing into America
The New Literature of Immigration

Louis G. Mendoza, S. Shankar

People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do

Studs Terkel

“The Good War”
An Oral History of World War II

Studs Terkel

Hope Dies Last
Keeping the Faith in Troubled Times

Studs Terkel

The Conquest of Bread
150 Years of Agribusiness in California

Richard A. Walker

The New Victorians
Poverty, Politics, and Propaganda in Two Gilded Ages

Stephen Pimpare

Brown v. Board
The Landmark Oral Argument Before the Supreme Court

Leon Friedman

The Class of ’75
Reflections on the Last Quarter of the 20th Century by Harvard Graduates

George E. Vaillant