Spanking the Donkey
Dispatches from the Dumb Season

Matt Taibbi

Our Unfree Press
100 Years of Radical Media Criticism

Robert W. McChesney, Ben Scott

Moyers on America
A Journalist and His Times

Bill Moyers

Radical Hollywood
The Untold Story Behind America’s Favorite Movies

Paul Buhle, Dave Wagner

The Journalism That Changed America

Judith Serrin, William Serrin

Movies on Trial
The Legal System on the Silver Screen

Anthony Chase

The Business of Journalism
Ten Leading Reporters and Editors on the Perils and Pitfalls of the Press

William Serrin

Slanting the Story
The Forces That Shape the News

Trudy Lieberman

On Television

Pierre Bourdieu

Conglomerates and the Media

Patricia Aufderheide, Erik Barnouw, Richard M. Cohen, Thomas Frank, David Lieberman, Mark Crispin Miller, Gene Roberts, Thomas Shatz

Smoke and Mirrors
Violence, Television, and Other American Cultures

John Leonard

We the Media
A Citizens’ Guide to Fighting for Media Democracy

Don Hazen, Julie Winokur

China Pop
How Soap Operas, Tabloids, and Bestsellers Are Transforming a Culture

Jianying Zha

The Way Things Aren’t
Rush Limbaugh’s Reign of Error