We the Media

A Citizens’ Guide to Fighting for Media Democracy

A handy, well-organized, fact-filled look at the media in America

“Cleverly put together and sharply usable.” —Rockland Courier-Gazette

Tired of ten-second soundbites and news you can’t use from sources you don’t trust? Concerned that the American media is turning into a national entertainment state controlled by a handful of media moguls and global corporations?

We the Media offers you help and hope. Filled with up-to-the-minute facts, figures, and commentary, the book features over 100 of the leading journalists, media critics, and experts in the country on: who owns and controls the media; how the rapidly expanding empires of Disney, Time Warner, Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp, and other media conglomerates affect what you see, hear, and read; how political considerations and the radical right influence what gets on the air and who gets left out of the picture; and how advertising pervades virtually every second of your life. We the Media also highlights the alternatives—organizations, leaders, and the media makers who are successfully fighting the conglomerates and demanding that media and democracy go together.

Our media system has been transformed and our lives will be changed in ways we don't even know yet. But we can do something about it. We the Media is a survival guide to navigating the brave new media landscape.

Contributors include:

  • Adbusters
  • Eric Alterman
  • Ben Bagdikian
  • John Perry Barlow
  • Robert Bray
  • Denise Caruso
  • Farai Chideya
  • Jeff Cohen
  • Barbara Ehrenreich
  • Susan Faludi
  • Laura Flanders
  • George Gerbner
  • Todd Gitlin
  • Herb Chao Gunther
  • Jim Hightower
  • Adam Hochschild
  • Janine Jackson
  • Sut Jhally
  • Jean Kilbourne
  • Libraries for the Future
  • Robert McChesney
  • Mark Crispin Miller
  • Jill Nelson
  • Project Censored
  • Leslie Savan
  • Danny Schecter
  • Ken Silverstein
  • Norman Solomon
  • John Stauber
  • Makani Themba

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