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Disrupted City
Walking the Pathways of Memory and History in Lahore

Manan Ahmed Asif

Charging Forward
Lithium Valley, Electric Vehicles, and a Just Future

Chris Benner, Manuel Pastor

Slaves for Peanuts
A Story of Conquest, Liberation, and a Crop That Changed History

Jori Lewis

Policing White Supremacy
The Enemy Within

Mike German, Beth Zasloff

A Second Chance
A Federal Judge Decides Who Deserves It

Judge Frederic Block

Stolen Pride
Loss, Shame, and the Rise of the Right

Arlie Russell Hochschild

War Made Invisible
How America Hides the Human Toll of Its Military Machine

Norman Solomon

Won’t Lose This Dream
How an Upstart Urban University Rewrote the Rules of a Broken System

Andrew Gumbel