The Atlas of Disappearing Places

Our Coasts and Oceans in the Climate Crisis

An unforgettable, beautifully rendered illustration of the threat of rising sea levels around the world

“The direction in which our planet is headed isn't a good one, and most of us don’t know how to change it. The bad news is that we will experience great loss. The good news is that we already have what we need to build a better future.” —from the introduction

Spurred by manmade climate change, sea levels have been rising at an increasing rate over the past two decades, causing ice to melt, storms to grow in strength and frequency, and the waters to warm and acidify. Despite this dire situation, most people don’t have a clear sense of what the specific impact of even an inch or two of sea level rise will entail.

In The Atlas of Disappearing Places, Christina Conklin and Marina Psaros make the damage immediately and poignantly visible through images of what the future will bring. With charts and graphs and beautifully rendered maps that use a unique ink-on-dried-seaweed technique, the book depicts two dozen locations across the globe, from Shanghai to Houston, that are existentially under threat from the impact of global warming on the oceans. The book considers the serious consequences of oceanic change on human culture and looks at the effectiveness of current measures—from government policies to grassroots activism—to mitigate the effect of climate change on the ocean.

A unique work of art with full color throughout and an indispensable resource for readers to learn more about the devastating consequences of the rising sea levels as well as positive stories of action, The Atlas of Disappearing Places is sure to inform and galvanize readers into engaging with the most pressing issue of our time.

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