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Author Spotlight: A Conversation with Catherine Coleman Flowers

2020 MacArthur Fellow Catherine Coleman Flowers's work fighting for basic sanitation addresses some of the most pressing issues of our time—public health, environmental, economic, and racial justice. It began in in her home community of Lowndes County, Alabama, a county that has a long, turbulent, and bloody history of racial injustice, and has expanded to communities across the United States.

Author Spotlight: A Conversation with Andrew Gumbel

A college education has long been touted as a path to success, but earning a degree and navigating the bureaucracy of the institutions that grant them can be fraught for many students, especially first-generation, minority, and low-income students. Georgia State University isn't one of those institutions. Over the past decade Georgia State University has upended the conventional wisdom that large numbers of students are doomed to fail simply because of their economic background or the color of their skin.

Author Spotlight: A Conversation with Lawrence Rosenthal

In 2016, American right-wing populists migrated from the free marketeering Tea Party to Donald Trump’s “hard hat,” anti-immigrant, America-First nationalism.

Author Spotlight: A Conversation with Ellis Cose

In the newly published Democracy, If We Can Keep It: The ACLU’s 100-Year Fight for Rights in America, renowned journalist Ellis Cose tells the story of an essential U.S. institution.

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