Criminal Justice

A War Like No Other
The Constitution in a Time of Terror

Owen Fiss, Trevor Sutton

Chasing Gideon
The Elusive Quest for Poor People’s Justice

Karen Houppert

Madison’s Music
On Reading the First Amendment

Burt Neuborne

The Last Gun
How Changes in the Gun Industry Are Killing Americans and What It Will Take to Stop It

Tom Diaz

Kids for Cash
Two Judges, Thousands of Children, and a $2.8 Million Kickback Scheme

William Ecenbarger

A Plague of Prisons
The Epidemiology of Mass Incarceration in America

Ernest Drucker

Race to Incarcerate
A Graphic Retelling

Sabrina Jones, Marc Mauer

Crimes Against Humanity
The Struggle for Global Justice

Geoffrey Robertson

Blind Goddess
A Reader on Race and Justice

Alexander Papachristou

Framing Innocence
A Mother’s Photographs, a Prosecutor’s Zeal, and a Small Town’s Response

Lynn Powell

The Big Eddy Club
The Stocking Stranglings and Southern Justice

David Rose

Let’s Get Free
A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice

Paul Butler

Critical Race Realism
Intersections of Psychology, Race, and Law

Gregory S. Parks, Shayne Jones, W. Jonathan Cardi

Prison Profiteers
Who Makes Money from Mass Incarceration

Tara Herivel, Paul Wright

Less Safe, Less Free
Why America Is Losing the War on Terror

David Cole, Jules Lobel

Law Lit
From Atticus Finch to The Practice

Thane Rosenbaum