Svetlana and Nadezhda
The Belarus Free Theatre and the Art of Resistance

Misha Friedman, Masha Gessen

Lives in Transition
LGBTQ Serbia

Slobodan Randjelović

The Sky Is Falling
How Vampires, Zombies, Androids, and Superheroes Made America Great for Extremism

Peter Biskind

Revealing Selves
Transgender Portraits from Argentina

Kike Arnal

A Mouth Is Always Muzzled
Six Dissidents, Five Continents, and the Art of Resistance

Natalie Hopkinson

LGBTQ Poland

Maciek Nabrdalik

The Kids
The Children of LGBTQ Parents in the USA

Gabriela Herman

Berlin Calling
A Story of Anarchy, Music, the Wall, and the Birth of the New Berlin

Paul Hockenos

Edges of the Rainbow

Michel Delsol, Haruku Shinozaki

The New Analog
Listening and Reconnecting in a Digital World

Damon Krukowski

Communities of Belonging

Sunil Gupta, Charan Singh

The Humorless Ladies of Border Control
Touring the Punk Underground from Belgrade to Ulaanbaatar

Franz Nicolay

Pride & Joy
Taking the Streets of New York City

Jurek Wajdowicz

Five Bells
Being LGBT in Australia

Jenny Papalexandris

Landscapes of Communism
A History Through Buildings

Owen Hatherley

A People’s Art History of the United States
250 Years of Activist Art and Artists Working in Social Justice Movements

Nicolas Lampert