Never Too Late

The Adult Student’s Guide to College

A smart, snappy, and comprehensive guide for the millions of adults who are thinking about going—or are going back—to college and want to know how to do it right

“Going back to college as an adult is not easy, but it doesn’t need to be impossible.” —from Chapter One of Never Too Late

As anyone who has done it knows, going back to school is a major undertaking. For younger and older adults alike, starting or returning to school presents different challenges than those encountered by teens fresh out of high school and heading straight to college. Countless Americans take on this task while working, raising kids, caring for parents, volunteering, serving in the military—and in some cases all of the above. Although the “non-traditional” undergraduate student is in fact the new normal, the glut of college guides out there don’t include practical advice for the busy moms, frustrated employees, and ambitious adults who are applying to college or hoping to finish earning a degree.

As Klein-Collins points out, “People with college degrees tend to make more money, are more likely to stay employed-even when the economy tanks-and they are more likely to have healthy lifestyles and longer life expectancies.” And, she says, they are more likely to be happy. Never Too Late will help readers jump-start a new professional path or speed down the one they’re already on by guiding them through vital questions: What should I study? How can I afford the time and money required to get a college degree? How do I compare schools? With key chapters on flexibility (“It’s About Time!” and “Face-to-Face or Cyberspace?”) and rankings of the best colleges for grown-ups diving back into the books, Never Too Late is an essential reference for adults seeking a richer life—and a meaningful place in our rapidly changing economy and world.