Out of the Classroom and into the World

Learning from Field Trips, Educating from Experience, and Unlocking the Potential of Our Students and Teachers

An accessible new resource for educators everywhere that eloquently makes the case for letting children and teachers out of the classroom to open their minds to learning

Bank Street College of Education professor Salvatore Vascellaro is a leading advocate of taking children and teachers into a wider world as the key to improving our struggling schools. Combining practical and theoretical guidance and illustrated throughout, Out of the Classroom and into the World visits a rich variety of classrooms transformed by innovative field trip curricula—showing how students’ hearts and minds are opened as they discover how a suspension bridge works, see what connects them to the people and places of their neighborhood, and come to understand the ecosystem of a river by following it to its source. Vascellaro also shows that what teachers can offer children is fueled by their own engagement with the world, and he offers stunning examples of teachers awakened by their direct experiences with the social issues plaguing American society, from the flood-torn neighborhoods of New Orleans to the mining areas of West Virginia. Based on the core principles of progressive pedagogy, and the wisdom gained from Vascellaro’s experience as a teacher, school administrator, and teacher educator, Out of the Classroom and into the World is a direct retort to test scores and standards as adequate measures of teaching and learning—an inspiring call and a major new resource for anyone interested in reinvigorating America’s classrooms.


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