The Discipline of Hope

Learning from a Lifetime of Teaching

The first paperback edition of the master educator’s insights from four decades in the classroom

“The story of a remarkable teacher.” —The New York Times Book Review

The Discipline of Hope chronicles veteran educator Herb Kohl’s love affair with teaching since his first encounter forty years ago, chronicled in his now-classic 36 Children. Beginning with his years in New York public schools and continuing throughout his four decades of working with students from kindergarten through college across the country, Kohl has been an ardent advocate of the notion that every student can learn and every teacher must find creative ways to facilitate that learning. In The Discipline of Hope he distills the major lessons of an attentive lifetime in the classroom.


“A wonderful book for teachers and for everyone who cares about children.”
—Marian Wright Edelman
“A book that will recharge a teacher’s batteries. ”
Kirkus Reviews
“An inspiring account of nearly four decades as a public school teacher and reformer. ”
San Francisco Chronicle
“A compelling mix of theory and autobiography. . . of interest to anyone who sends a child to school. ”

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