Past Events

December 2018
Ashley Nellis at Powell's
December 12, 2018,
Portland OR

Most Western democracies have few or no people serving life sentences, yet here in the United States more than 200,000 people are sentenced to . . .

Ashley Nellis at Town Hall Seattle
December 11, 2018,
Seattle WA

Ashley Nellis, author of The Meaning of Life: The Case for Abolishing Life Sentences, meets with . . .

Sohaila Abdulali at John Jay College
December 6, 2018,
New York NY

Join the New York City Commission on Human Rights for a panel about "What we talk about when we talk about Gender-Based Violence" and hear from a . . .

Robert Friedman at the Assets Matter Symposium
December 4, 2018,
Fresno CA

The purpose of the 2018 Assets Matter Symposium is to generate new ideas and highlight innovative strategies across a range of topics (products, . . .

Marc Mauer and Ashley Nellis at the Sentencing Project
December 4, 2018,
Washington DC

The Sentencing Project and Public Welfare Foundation are pleased to invite you to the Campaign to End Life Imprisonment launch event, featuring . . .

Sayu Bhojwani at NYU School of Law
December 4, 2018,
New York NY

Join Sayu Bhojwani for a discussion on her new book People Like Us: The New Wave of Candidates Knocking at Democracy’ . . .

November 2018
Peter Edelman at New York Law School
November 29, 2018,
New York NY

Join Peter Edelman, author of Not a Crime to Be Poor for a panel discussion on the treatment of low- . . .

Lives in Transition Book Launch
November 29, 2018,

Join us in celebrating the launch of Slobodan Randjelović's new photobook, Lives in Transition.

Sohaila Abdulali at the Foundation for a Just Society
November 28, 2018,
New York NY

CREA is excited to announce the launch of the "reThink Evening" series.

Sayu Bhojwani at Princeton Library
November 28, 2018,
Princeton NJ

Join Sayu Bhojwani in conversation with Leticia Fraga on Bhojwani’s new book People Like Us: The New Wave of . . .

Sohaila Abdulali at McNally Jackson
November 27, 2018,
New York NY

Join Sohaila Abdulali, author of What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape for a conversation with Tina Rosenberg at . . .

Pam Kelley at the Miami Book Fair
November 18, 2018,
Miami FL

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