Past Events

January 2022
Light Up the Night: Travis Lupick and Beth Macy
January 10, 2022,

As awareness of the opioid overdose crisis has spread apace with its fallout, media coverage has established a clear narrative—one that implicates . . .

December 2021
If We Want to Win at CalEndow Live
December 9, 2021,

The California Endowment's CalEndow Live hosts a conversation about the newly published If We Want to Win: A Latine Vision for a New American . . .

The People's Constitution at American Promise Connect
December 6, 2021,

At the last American Promise Connect call of 2021, authors John F. Kowal and Wilfred U.

If We Want to Win at Book Soup
December 2, 2021,

Book Soup hosts a conversation to discuss the power of narrative and the new collection If We Want to Win: A Latine Vision for a New American . . .

The Privatization of Everything: Donald Cohen and Joseph McCartin
December 1, 2021,

Hailed as “[a]n essential read for those who want to . . .

November 2021
A Belknap Global Conversation: Gregg Mitman and Simon Gikandi
November 11, 2021,
Princeton NJ

The Humanities . . .

Marina Psaros at Downtown Book and Sound
November 4, 2021,

Please join us for a virtual event celebrating World Conservation Day, featuring local author Marina Psaros and her new book The Atlas . . .

If We Want to Win at the Commonwealth Club of California
November 3, 2021,

There is no version of America’s past, present or future that does not involve the Latinx community.

Empire of Rubber: Scenes from Firestone’s Scramble for Land and Power in Liberia
November 3, 2021,

The World We Need: Stories and Lessons from America’s Unsung Environmental Movement
November 3, 2021,

Join us for a discussion between The World We Need editor Audrea Lim, and contributor Nick Mullins. 

October 2021
Ruth Milkman at the Texas Book Festival
October 31, 2021,

Ruth Milkman, co-editor of Immigration Matters, a volume . . .

Christina Conklin at the Texas Book Festival
October 29, 2021,

Christina Conklin's The Atlas of Disappearing Places depicts, via rich illustration, the effects of climate change on Earth's coasts and . . .