Past Events

July 2018
A Bite-Sized History of France - Launch at Albertine Books
July 10, 2018,
New York NY

Join French cheesemonger Stéphane Hénaut and war studies professor Jeni Mitchell as they share a delightful, dramatic history of France and its . . .

Independent Publishing in an Age of Resistance
July 9, 2018,
Brooklyn NY

What role do books play in shaping our current political culture?

June 2018
Keynote “Solidarity Across Species: why is the Left afraid of animals?” by Sunaura Taylor & Astra Taylor
June 29, 2018,
New York NY

Keynote Address by Astra Taylor & Sunaura Taylor for the “Animals and the Left” day long conference at NYU.


Noam Cohen at the Aspen Ideas Festival
June 28, 2018,
Aspen CO

The smartphones we carry are more powerful than NASA’s entire computer system when it landed man on the moon.

Crocodiles NYC Book Launch
June 27, 2018,
New York NY

The New Press cordially invites you to celebrate the launch of . . .

Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts at Atlanta History Center
June 26, 2018,
Atlanta GA

Join Ethan J.

Juan González at Brooklyn Historical Society
June 25, 2018,
Brooklyn NY

With a federal government mired in dysfunction, cities across the nation are the new frontier of progressive change, presenting solutions to . . .

Celebrating LGBTQ Stats at the Stonewall Book Awards
June 25, 2018,
New Orleans LA

Join David Deschamps, co-author of LGBTQ Stats: Lesbian, Gay, . . .

Natalie Hopkinson at Guyana Speaks
June 24, 2018,
London UK

Established in January 2017 as an initiative to bring together the Guyanese diaspora GUYANA SPEAKS presents themes each month that endeavours to . . .

Manuel Pastor at the National Conference on Local Governance
June 22, 2018,
Denver CO

This one-day conference will highlight successful projects and initiatives around the country, with speakers from cities that are implementing . . .

Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts at Malaprop's
June 20, 2018,
Asheville NC

Join Ethan J.

Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts at Sunrise Books
June 19, 2018,
High Point NC

Join Ethan J.