The Politics of Culture

Policy Perspectives for Individuals, Institutions, and Communities

A collection of key works in the emerging field of cultural policy

The Politics of Culture is the place to start a great debate, across the ideological spectrum, on a central issue facing a successful society.” —Ben Wattenberg, senior fellow, American Enterprise Institute, and host of the PBS series Think Tank

What does culture have to do with policy? Debates over offensive art and government funding represent only a small part of our cultural landscape. We need to think about cultural differently and bring new contexts to changing realities. What challenges will American cultural life face in the future? How will new communications technologies and global transformations affect the way we perceive culture? Can cultural institutions survive a loss of support and reach new audiences? How might the arts and culture activate neighborhoods and cities?

Artists, scholars, and policy makers from all disciplines and political persuasions now recognize the need to address culture’s role in society. The Politics of Culture brings together important recent thinking in this emerging field. Featuring fresh research and thought-provoking commentary, these selections provide a compelling outline for the future of American cultural policy.


Books by these authors

Art and Religion in American Life

Alberta Arthurs, Glenn Wallach

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