The Asian American Comics Anthology

The stunning new book by the authors of the acclaimed graphic collection of original Asian American comic book stories, Secret Identities

Shattered no ka oi! The talented brain trust of this franchise have created a visual delight that envisions the rich tradition of American comics as an Asian American experience. The result? A novel and entertaining form of empowerment.” —Dr. Konrad Ng, director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

Following the publication of the groundbreaking anthology of original Asian American graphic fiction, the Secret Identities team is back with a new collection—bigger, bolder, and more breathtaking in scope. Shattered expands beyond the superhero comic to edgier genres: from hard-boiled pulp to horror, martial arts, adventure, fantasy, and science fiction.

In these pages, an award-winning roster of writers and artists—including leading Asian American comics creators Bernard Chang (Demon Knights), Fred Chao (Johnny Hiro), Sean Chen (Iron Man), Greg Pak (The Incredible Hulk), Larry Hama (G.I. Joe), Takeshi Miyazawa (Runaways), and GB Tran (Vietnamerica); filmmakers Michael Kang (The Motel) and Tanuj Chopra (Punching at the Sun); literary standouts Jamie Ford (Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet), Gary Jackson (Missing You, Metropolis), and Bao Phi (Sông I Sing), and more—contribute new, original graphic stories that subvert, upend, satirize, and shatter the hidebound stereotypes that have obscured the Asian image since the earliest days of immigration: the stoic brute, the prodigious brain, the exotic temptress, the inscrutable alien, and the devious manipulator.

Shattered incorporates thrills, chills, and delight while exposing the hidden issues, secret history, and vital truths of the nation’s fastest-growing and most dynamic community.

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“Marvellous. . . . Combining the best aspects of a vast panoply of storytelling traditions and artistic styles, Shattered is a bold experiment in identity and assimilation that will amaze comics fans in search of something a little different.”
Comics Review
Shattered is a welcomed, valuable foundation for Asian American comics, both in terms of reading and studying.”
“The sheer variety to the offerings in Shattered is staggering—there truly is something for everyone within these pages. The one thing these stories have in common is that they’re all ridiculously unputdownable. I relished every single one.”
—David Yoo, author of The Choke Artist and The Detention Club
“With so many terrific storylines, I hope the writers and artists continue these stories in future comic books of their own.”
Shattered shatters conventions, stereotypes, and most importantly myths in comic books and graphic novels. In doing so, it helps create a brand-new mythology . . . steeped in Asian folklore.”
—Michael Uslan, author of The Boy Who Loved Batman and executive producer of The Dark Knight Trilogy

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