On History

Esays on the study and practice of history from “one of the few genuinely great historians of our century” (The New Republic)

“Eric Hobsbawm surveys the writings of modern historians with the magisterial gaze of a man who has seen both the rise of Hitler and the fall of Communism.” —The New York Times Book Review

Few historians have done more to change the way we see the history of modern times than Eric Hobsbawm. From his early books on the Industrial Revolution and European empires, to his magisterial 1995 study of the “short twentieth century,” Age of Extremes, Hobsbawm has become known as one of the finest practitioners of his craft.

On History brings together his brilliant and challenging reflections on the uses, and abuses, of history. Ranging from considerations of “history from below” and the “progress” of history to recent debate on the relevance of studying history and the responsibility of the historian, On History reflects Hobsbawm’s lifelong concern with the relations between past, present, and future.

Books by Eric Hobsbawm

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A Twentieth-Century Life

Eric Hobsbawm

On Empire
America, War, and Global Supremacy

Eric Hobsbawm


Eric Hobsbawm

Industry and Empire
The Birth of the Industrial Revolution

Eric Hobsbawm

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