Ending Poverty in America

How to Restore the American Dream

John Edwards puts a seminal issue back on the map, presenting blueprints for ending poverty in America

“This is one of the great moral issues of our time. The day after Katrina hit, new government statistics showed that 37 million Americans live in poverty, up for the fourth year in a row.” —Senator John Edwards

Is poverty a fact of life? Can the wealthiest nation in the world do nothing to combat the steadily rising numbers of Americans living in poverty—or the 50 million Americans living in “near poverty”? Senator John Edwards and some of the country’s most prominent scholars, businesspeople, and community activists say otherwise.

Published in conjunction with one of the country’s leading antipoverty centers, Ending Poverty in America brings together some of America’s most respected social scientists, including William Julius Wilson, Katherine S. Newman, and Richard B. Freeman, alongside journalists, neighborhood organizers, and business leaders. The voices heard here are both liberal and conservative, and tackle hot-button issues such as job creation, schools, housing, and family-friendly social policy.

The contributors explain why poverty is growing and outline concrete steps that can be taken now to start turning the tide. In a political landscape seemingly bereft of daring and forward-thinking ideas, this new book lays out a path toward eliminating poverty in America—a template for a renewed public debate for an issue of intense urgency.

Contributors include:

  • Michael S. Barr
  • Jared Bernstein
  • Anita Brown-Graham
  • Marion Crain and Arne L. Kalleberg
  • Martin Eakes
  • Senator John Edwards
  • Richard B. Freeman
  • Angela Glover Blackwell
  • Jacob S. Hacker
  • Harry J. Holzer
  • Secretary Jack F. Kemp
  • Sara McLanahan
  • Carol Mendez Cassell
  • Ronald B. Mincy and Hillard Pouncy
  • Katherine S. Newman
  • Melvin V. Oliver and Thomas M. Shapiro
  • Peter Orszag
  • Dennis K. Orthner
  • Hugh B. Price
  • John Karl Scholz
  • Ruston Seaman and Michael Ferber
  • Michael Sherraden
  • David K. Shipler
  • Beth Shulman
  • David Spickard
  • Michael A. Stegman
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • William Julius Wilson

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