Planned Giving

Contributions from individuals like you make The New Press successful. Without your gifts of support, we would not be able to publish books based on an intellectual—rather than a financial—bottom line. Donor support enables us to publish books that may not be deemed commercially successful but that bring crucial, underrepresented ideas into the public sphere. Your generosity also helps The New Press to use traditional and nontraditional outreach to leverage books for social change.

Planned giving is an excellent way to increase your support of The New Press and ensure that we will publish groundbreaking, intellectually important books for years to come. Planned giving—including bequests; charitable remainder trusts; charitable lead trusts; and donations of stock, life insurance, retirement assets, or real estate—can benefit you and The New Press. Help to ensure The Press’s future: talk to your attorney, financial planner, or financial adviser today about making a gift of assets to The New Press. Your confidence in our future work inspires us every day.

Please contact our development department if you are interested in including The New Press in your current or future financial planning.