What the (Active Verb) Is Wrong with the Right?

A Fill-in-the-Blanks Game for the Rest of Us

The ultimate party game for our times—fill in the blanks as you peer into the loony, laughable world of the Right

“A new poll suggests that one in five Americans still believe President Obama is a ____(noun)____.” —from What the (Active Verb) Is Wrong with the Right?

After a long political season of listening to Glenn Beck’s loony rants, Sarah Palin’s off-kilter phraseology, and Rand Paul’s downright oddball elocutions, authors Shelby Gragg and Stefan Petrucha were struck by an astonishing similarity to the beloved fill-in-the-blanks games of their childhood. And so the hilarious spoof What the (Active Verb) Is Wrong with the Right? was born.

This laugh-out-loud parody invites readers to play a game of fill-in-the-blanks, creating fanciful sentences that would make any right-wing nut proud. From the roots of the rabid right (testing our knowledge of the McCarthy hearings and Richard Nixon’s Checkers speech), through the O’Reilly and Hannity ascendancy, and up to the heyday of Glenn and Sarah, What the (Active Verb) Is Wrong with the Right? touches on the greatest hits and the most outrageous misses of contemporary conservative rhetoric.

Including selections such as “The Ann Coulter Memorial Section,” “Ode to a Decider,” “A Beck Word Finder,” “Drill, Baby, Drill!” and “A Teabagger Fill-In,” here’s the ultimate impulse buy/graduation gift/stocking stuffer that will provide hours of cathartic and comic relief for weary liberals everywhere.


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