The Documents That Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War

Read the actual intelligence reports (not the spin)—and make up your own mind

In America, the wife of the former ambassador who exposed George Bush’s sixteen-word State of the Union fib about uranium from Niger, is now being harassed by allies of the administration. In Britain, the scientist who blew the whistle on Tony Blair has been driven to suicide.

For all of us who, thanks to these whistle-blowers, now realize that we have been hoodwinked and want to understand exactly how, national security analyst John Prados has compiled and annotated the key source documents behind the selling of the Iraq war to the American public. As these CIA reports, Pentagon briefings, and other materials clearly show, Bush and his spokespeople were playing a crude game of three-card monte, claiming Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda, weapons of mass destruction, and imminent threats, which are here exposed as half-truths, exaggerations, and outright fabrications of a warmongering administration.

Prados, a noted historian of intelligence and national security, offers readers a firsthand view of incontrovertible evidence that we were had.

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