Rebellion in Chiapas

An Historical Reader

An acclaimed historian of Mexico traces the roots of the current crisis in Chiapas using primary source documents

“An immensely useful, balanced, wide-ranging, and insightful book about a fascinating and tragic history. John Womack has finally made it possible for American readers to understand the rebellion in Chiapas.” —Jorge Castañeda, author of The Mexican Shock and Compañero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara

Carlos Fuentes writes, “John Womack has an uncanny feeling for the infinitely complex strains of Mexico.” Here, Woack examines the conflict in Chiapas in light of 500 years of struggle and uneasy accomodation between the region’s Maya population and the Spanish conquerors and ladino landowners. Rebellion in Chiapas opens with a major new essay examining the Zapatista revolt and chronicling the attempts at a negotiated peace. It goes on to reveal the roots of the rebellion through a range of primary source materials and other key documents from the time of the conquest through the present.

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