French Constructions of the Past, Postwar French Thought, Volume 1

The first volume in a major series on postwar French thought

“These 64 seminal essays by nearly as many authors span the past half-century and offer a multivoiced account of the changing methodologies, assumptions, and controversies in French historiography.” —Library Journal

The New Press’s four&-volume Postwar French Thought Series charts the intellectual transformations that took place in post–World War II France. Histories, the first volume in the Series, focuses on the way French thinkers reshaped the way we see and understand our past. The volume sets the work of historians associated with the Annales school into the wider context of postwar French historiography, structuralism, quantitative methods, and interdisciplinary studies. It contains selections from major foundational texts (Braudel, Labrousse, Duby, Chartier, and Wachtel) as well as works by Foucault, Lévi-Strauss, Bourdieu, and Veyne, many of them translated here for the first time.

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