Latino Stats

American Hispanics by the Numbers

An essential handbook of eye-opening—and frequently surprising—facts and figures about the lives of an increasingly influential population

“By 2050, the Hispanic share of the U.S. population could be as high as 29 percent, up from 17 percent now.” —Pew Research Center

At a time when politics is seemingly ruled by ideology and emotion and when immigration is one of the most contentious topics, it is more important than ever to cut through the rhetoric and highlight, in numbers, the reality of the broad spectrum of Latino life in the United States. Latinos are both the largest and fastest-growing racial/ethnic group in the country, even while many continue to fight for their status as Americans.

Respected movement builder and former leader of the Tides Foundation Idelisse Malavé and her daughter Esti Giordani—recently a communications strategist for the Social Transformation Project—distill the profusion of data, identifying the most telling and engaging facts to assemble a portrait of contemporary Latino life with glimpses of the past and future. From politics and the economy to popular culture, the arts, and ideas about race, gender, and family, Latino Stats both catalogs the inequities that plague Latino communities and documents Latinos’ growing power and influence on American life.

An essential tool for advocates, educators, and policy makers, Latino Stats will be a go-to guidebook for anyone wanting to raise their awareness and increase their understanding of the complex state of our nation.


“The truth is many Americans don’t know the real story behind the huge and growing Latino demographic in our country. And most don’t understand the deep complexity within this multifaceted group. Latino Stats makes it simple to get some of these basic questions answered. It’s one more tool to help change the simplistic narrative about Latinos. Because Latino/a is more and more what our futuro looks like.”
—Maria Hinojosa, anchor and executive producer of NPR’s LatinoUSA, president of Futuro Media Group, and anchor and executive producer of PBS’s America by the Numbers
“An excellent resource, whether you are grappling with understanding immigration reform or are curious about Latinos on health, leisure, or the environment.”
—Ana Castillo, author of Sapogonia
Latino Stats is a timely, well-organized compendium of data points for the nation’s largest racial or ethnic minority that teaches a new thing or two to Latinos and non-Latinos alike. But what ‎it does best is to break the myth of homogeneity that so many opinion makers erroneously ascribe to this important demographic group. If you want to understand the future of America, start here.”
—Juan Cartagena, president and general counsel of LatinoJustice PRLDEF

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