Idelisse Malavé

Idelisse Malavé is an organizational consultant who ran the Tides Foundation in California for eleven years and was vice president of the Ms. Foundation. She co-authored, with Elizabeth Debold and Marie Wilson, Mother Daughter Revolution and, with her daughter Esti Giordani, Latino Stats (The New Press). Born in Puerto Rico, she grew up and lives in
New York City.

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Colorlines illustrates some of the unexpected discoveries in Latino Stats through a series of infographics


Bitch Magazine says Latino Stats identifies" the most telling and often surprising facts of contemporary Latino life with glimpses of the past and future." Read an excerpt on their website.

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Latino Stats co-authors discuss the rise of Latinos in the U.S. on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show

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Latino Stats
American Hispanics by the Numbers

Idelisse Malavé, Esti Giordani