Hollywood in China

Behind the Scenes of the World’s Largest Movie Market

The inside story of the U.S.-Chinese superpower conflict playing out behind the scenes of today’s movie industry, from the leading media scholar

“The Chinese market is so big that it changes the calculus for which films make money and hence, going forward, which films get made in the first place. Would Hollywood speak Chinese, literarily and figuratively?” —from the introduction

In the last decade, China has become the world’s largest movie market. Formerly objects of exotic fascination in the golden age of Hollywood, today the Chinese are a make-or-break audience for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. And movies are now an essential part of China’s global “soft power” strategy: a Chinese real estate tycoon (who until recently was the major shareholder of the AMC theater chain) is building the world’s largest film production facility. Behind the curtains, as this brilliant new book reveals, movies have become one of the biggest areas of competition between the world’s two remaining superpowers.

Will Hollywood be eclipsed by a Chinese Huallywood? No author is better positioned to untangle this question than Ying Zhu, a leading expert on Chinese film and media. Hollywood in China unravels the fascinating, century-long relationship between Hollywood and China for the first time.

Blending cultural history, business, and international relations, Hollywood in China offers an inside look at the intense business and political maneuvering that is shaping the movies and the U.S.-China relationships itself—revealing a headlines-grabbing conflict that is playing out not only on the high seas, but on the silver screen.

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