“An engrossing depiction of a moral dilemma” (Booklist) from the north African winner of the Prix Goncourt

“Spare, elegant, prose . . . with a sly black humor.” —Village Voice

Casablanca and Tangier provide the backdrops for Corruption, and erotic tale of morality about Mourad, the last honest man in Morocco. After a lifetime of resistance, Mourad finally gives in to the demands of his materialistic wife and accepts “commissions” for his work: just one envelope stuffed with cash, then another. Ben Jelloun’s compelling novel evokes the dangers of succumbing to the daily temptations of modern life, as Mourad lives the consequences of betraying his existence.



“An unusually thought-provoking read.”
Time Out New York
“The philosophical sophistication of an Albert Camus novel . . . and the fast tempo of a good yarn.”
San Francisco Examiner
“This novel works like a bolt of lightning to illuminate the mysterious shadows of Casablanca . . . Ben Jelloun carries on the intellectual heritage of Albert Camus and is also a master minimalist.”
The Washington Times
“Ben Jelloun is a writer of social and moral acuteness.”
Los Angeles Times
“A remarkable novel.”
Publishers Weekly
“An engrossing depiction of a moral dilemma . . . Ben Jelloun paces this anatomy of a quandary perfectly, letting us hear the dueling voices of Mourad's conscience and sense the twinge of madness such a fierce inner debate engenders.”

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