Pig Tales

A Novel of Lust & Transformation

Pig Tales is the story of a young woman who lands a position at Perfumes Plus, a beauty boutique/“massage” parlor. She enjoys great success until she slowly metamorphoses into . . . a pig. What happens to her then overturns all our ideas about relationships between man, woman, and beast in a stunning feminist fable of political and sexual corruption.

When this extraordinary first novel by Marie Darrieussecq appeared in France, it became an overnight success and an unprecedented literary phenomenon. It immediately topped the bestseller list and was named a Prix Goncourt finalist. Over thirty countries have bought the rights, and celebrated filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard optioned the film rights.



Animal Farm meets The Metamorphosis. . . . A very funny, intelligent book.”
“Cross Kafka with Orwell and you get the idea.”
Entertainment Weekly
“Fascinating and original.”
The New York Times Book Review
“Hilarious . . . ironic.”
The Boston Globe
“Not just an instant best-seller but a sensation.”
“Cool in its perversities. . . . Slyly funny.”
The Economist
“Oink if you love Marie Darrieussecq! [Pig Tales] is chilling—and damn funny at the very same time.”
The Washington Post

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