10 Excellent Reasons Not to Hate Taxes

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A short, snappy handbook countering the antitax, antigovernment rhetoric that permeates our culture and reminding us why taxes lie at the heart of a functioning democracy

“Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.” —Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Paying taxes. It’s something almost everyone loves to hate. 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Hate Taxes makes the case for thinking about taxes in a fresh and progressive way and offers plenty of material for anyone interested in countering the conservative antigovernment, anti-tax agenda.

Written by activists, economists, teachers, political scientists, and businesspeople, 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Hate Taxes offers an array of powerful arguments that will reframe the tax debate. Chapters on the effect of taxes on the economy, education, the environment, and the distribution of opportunity will arm readers with a wealth of arguments to turn the tables when thinking—or arguing—about taxes and provide a menu of ideas for how to transform the tax code into a tool for social justice.

This book will spark a lively and much-needed debate about all manner of tax issues, from the inheritance tax and flat taxes to tax cuts and the role that taxes play in the growing economic divide in the United States.

With contributions from:

  • John Abrams, South Mountain Company, and Greg LeRoy, Good Jobs First
  • Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Stuart Comstock-Gay, Michael Lipsky, and Miles Rapoport, Demos, and Stephanie Greenwood
  • John M. Fitzgerald and Daphne Wysham, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Nancy Folbre, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Matthew Gardner, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy
  • Stephanie Greenwood
  • Susan Pace Hamill, University of Alabama School of Law
  • David Cay Johnston
  • Stan Karp, Rethinking Schools
  • Meizhu Lui, United for a Fair Economy
  • Jeff Madrick, Challenge Magazine

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