Hubert Mingarelli

Hubert Mingarelli is the author of numerous novels and short story collections, as well as fiction for young adults. His novel A Meal in Winter(The New Press) was shortlisted for the 2014 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and was selected by Indies Introduce in the United States. He lives in Grenoble.

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Kirkus Reviews

“Spare, matter-of-fact and masterfully controlled.”

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

‘Four Soldiers’ is no hectic and chaotic war novel. It unfolds in short, tightly focused chapters, and in spare, crystalline prose (beautifully translated by Sam Taylor). . . .

A Meal in Winter Reader's Group Guide

The New Press is pleased to share a Reading Group Guide for A Meal in Winter by Hubert Mingarelli.

The New York Times

"[S]tark and profound... Mr. Mingarelli allows us to see kernels of genuine sympathy in his soldiers without ever denying the fear and malice they must indulge to do their jobs," says John Williams of A Meal in Winter in The New York Times


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Four Soldiers
A Novel

Hubert Mingarelli

A Meal in Winter
A Novel of World War II

Hubert Mingarelli