Patrick Chamoiseau

Winner, Prix Goncourt

Patrick Chamoiseau is the author of Texaco, which won the Prix Goncourt and was a New York Times Notable Book, as well as Creole Folktales and Slave Old Man (The New Press), among other works. He lives in Martinique.

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Booklist (starred review)

One can’t help but wonder why it took so long for this treasure to be translated into English.

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Chamoiseau’s prose is astounding in its beauty . . . and he ups the stakes by making this novel a breathtaking thriller, as well.

Ozy Media

A linguistic masterpiece. . . . If you want to read something fresh and different, this Martiniquan literary novel with its mishmash of languages, voices, and styles won’t disappoint.


Chamoiseau’s texts are linguistic interventions . . . at once literary feats and statements of cultural political protest. . . . [Slave Old Man] is poignant, timely, and radical. . . . Linda Coverdale does an impeccable, sensitive job.


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Creole Folktales

Patrick Chamoiseau

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Patrick Chamoiseau