Special Post-Election Catalog: Fearless Books for Perilous Times

Friday, April 14, 2017

Never before in The New Press's twenty-five-year history have we issued a special catalog outside the standard publishing cycle. But the ugly tenor of the 2016 election campaigns, the deeply troubling election results, and the immediate, retrograde aftermath seemed to warrant a swift, clear-eyed response. In particular, the direct threats made to freedom of expression by the incoming administration demand that we exercise that right with renewed vigor.

It is in this spirit that we present these fearless new books for perilous times.

Our series of "fearless books" are quintessential New Press contributions—they are focused on ideas, solutions, alternative voices, and the perspectives of those targeted for oppression by the Trump administration. 

The three books include substantive new introductions from ACLU National Legal Director David Cole, The Beauty Myth author Dr. Naomi Wolf, and reknowned child psychologist Dr. Ava Siegler. They offer, respectively, advice from dissidents around the world who have experienced autocracy firsthand (Rules for Resistance); insight from leading feminists about the new misogyny in the public sphere (Wolf Whistle Politics); and guidance to parents at a loss for how to explain the new normal to their children (How Do I Explain This to My Kids?). 

Publishers Weekly and the American Booksellers Association recently described the series and the topics within (feminism and misogyny, social justice and civil disobedience, and family values in the age of Trump) in two separate profiles about The New Press's twenty-fifth anniversary. 

Check out the special catalog here.