The Privatization of Everything: Donald Cohen and Joseph McCartin
December 1, 2021
- 7:30 PM
Greenlight Bookstore

Hailed as “[a]n essential read for those who want to fight the assault on public goods and the commons” by Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine), The Privatization of Everything shows us what happens when we subscribe to the theory that public power over essential public goods—clean water and air, education, public transportation, the social safety net, and public safety, to name a few—is dangerous. Donald Cohen, founder of In the Public Interest, an organization advocating for public institutions that work for all of us, and bestselling author Allen Mikaelian (Medal of Honor) examine the stealthy and stunning failures of privatization and lay out a road map for how to put power over public goods back in the hands of the people. Greenlight is honored to welcome Cohen for a discussion, with labor historian Joe McCartin, on reclaiming real freedom, redefining our public values, and putting them to work for our common good.