Dave Zirin virtual event with the Center for Brooklyn History
September 28, 2021
- 6:30 p.m. ET

In his latest book The Kaepernick EffectDave Zirin explores why former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s quiet 2016 protest ignited like wildfire across the country, becoming the preeminent symbol of resistance to America’s long history of racism and police brutality. Sports editor for The Nation, Zirin brings context to this political movement, and makes real the risks and courage of the individuals who joined it on and off the field, and the power of athletes to fuel social change. He is led in conversation by Gen Z historian Kahlil Greene, Yale’s first Black student body president who comments on history and racial inequality to his nearly half million social media followers. 

"They built a movement that put racist police brutality on trial in their communities, placing the very nature of both the anthem and patriotism up for debate."  - Dave Zirin, The Kaepernick Effect

This program is offered in connection with the Center for Brooklyn History’s major public history initiative, Brooklyn Resists.