Alain Mabanckou at the Brooklyn Book Festival
October 5, 2020
- 12:00 pm ET
Brooklyn Book Festival
Vitrual Event,

The 2020 Brooklyn Book Festival hosts the online event "Ripples of Violence: Personal and Literary." While the world faces unrest from a multitude of directions, in some countries it’s been part of their very foundation. These authors’ books meditate on dispossession, violence, and language in Palestine; familial ties and political murder in 1970s Congo; and the kidnapping of a Mexican student by unlikely gangsters before his flight abroad to Spain. New Press auuthor Alain Mabanckou, whose new novel The Death of Comrade President was published in September, joins novelists Adania Shibli (Minor Detail) and Juan Pablo Villalobos (I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me) in a discussion of how the repercussions of violence are experienced on a literary level, and felt across generations and through history, and how the personal and political intersect in their works in both tragic and absurd ways. Moderated by Minna Proctor.