Who’s Afraid of Feminism?

Seeing through the Backlash

Leading feminist thinkers from around the world confront the backlash against women’s rights

“A mature and thoughtful collection of original essays on feminism in the 1990s, edited by two leading feminist scholars. . . . A useful anthology, providing the kind of critical self-awareness and vigor that will help to keep feminism alive, exciting, and deeply relevant.” — Kirkus Reviews

The progress in women’s rights brought about by the feminist activism of the 1960s through the early 1980s is today confronted with a major political backlash. For Who’s Afraid of Feminism?, editors Ann Oakley and Juliet Mitchell have commissioned new work by Carol Gilligan, Carolyn Heilbrun, and a distinguished, international group of feminist thinkers to explore the diverse territories that feminist thought and activism have affected over recent years, and the new questions that have arisen during that process.

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