We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Inner Light in a Time of Darkness

The New York Times bestselling book that both galvanizes progressives for action and is a balm—from the Pulitzer Prize–winning author

“A light in darkness, Alice Walker awakens us to our own power as only she can. . . . Once again, Walker has exceeded our expectations.” —The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

When the United States recently exploded with unprecedented demonstrations challenging racial violence and hatred, Alice Walker’s New York Times bestselling We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For was one of the books to which people turned for inspiration and solace. Called “stunningly insightful” and “a book that will inspire hope” by Publishers Weekly, this work by the author of The Color Purple is a clarion call to activism—spiritual ruminations with a progressive political edge, that offer a moment of care and solace.

Walker encourages readers to take faith in the fact that, despite our daunting predicaments, we are uniquely prepared to create positive change. Drawing on Walker’s spiritual grounding and her progressive political convictions, the book offers a cornucopia of the Pulitzer Prize winner’s writings and speeches on advocacy, struggle, and hope. Each chapter concludes with a recommended meditation to teach patience, compassion, and forgiveness.

Walker’s clear vision and calm meditative voice—truly “a light in darkness”—has struck a deep chord among a large and devoted readership.



“This new collection of righteous speeches and essays is Walker the cultural pioneer back on top form.”
The Guardian
“Wise thoughts for a troubled world.”
The Dallas Morning News
“A thoughtful and reflective look at life and the search for meaning.”
“Her determined focus on the positive has served her well. ”

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